The Mercenaries of St. Vicious

A Narrow Escape from an Undead Horde

  • The session began with the party in the dungeon theorizing about where the vampire had gone. Had it gone to warn the others? After some searching, the party found a series of old fire beetle tunnels behind some tapestries. A way out. The party cautiously made its way through the tunnels and exited onto a mountain ridge. Shit was freezing up there.
  • Sargatanus sent Mother off to scout. When she didn’t come back immediately, Grendump transformed into an owl and followed. The dog was squared off against a vampire, who quickly disappeared down the mountain. The party found a way down into the pass.
  • At this point the party headed toward the sounds of hissing. Pretty smart move. They were overwhelmed by a large group of vampires, some held at bay only by Damian’s divine power. A cool fight ensued with some ass kicking, but the skeleton horde was rumbling down the pass. The party narrowly escaped through a smaller pass in the rock that was too cluttered for the skeletons to clamber through.
  • The party came upon a stronghold of the Order of Sarin, its flowing spotify banners and all. It had been taken over by an elven war band, the likes of which had not been seen this far north in quite some time. Apparently, there were no paladins of Sarin left. Another cool battle happened in the concert room. Remember the time when Grendump missed the guard and flew through the door into the elven soldiers? And how he turned into a furry squirrel with a furry vest? And how Hawke slammed the door shut and bent the bar with his amazing strength? Remember that cool map with the red and black spots, and the X? Don’t forget that book Cavario took! And remember the escape through the secret passage when the skeleton horde overwhelmed that stronghold? Wow!
  • The party crossed through foothills and fertile riverlands, passed through some crappy villages that bear little mention, and made it to St. Vincent. There, they hooked back up with Dougulus after a day or so. He was psyched the party returned with the sword and kept talking about how big this deal was. how it would make him. He then offered the party a new contract – get 300 coins now and 1000 later to sell the sword for him. At that point, Dougulus brought in a scruffy guide to show them to the designated location.


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