The Mercenaries of St. Vicious

Back into Orc Eyeball Valley

After their defeat at the orc eyeball valley near Barklay, the group regrouped and headed back into the breach. They talked to Foles back at the ranch and arranged for a cavalry diversion if needed upon the signal from a flare arrow. The group also made a deal to get some extra cash by finding the “Prophet” at the center of the camp, and even more if they brought back the head of Jungwasser, an orc leader with a tattoo of a heart on his face who had relentlessly harried Barklay over the years.

The party pulled a strategy from Spies Like Us – some of them dyed themselves blue and called themselves the Triumverate of the Eye. It actually worked. They fooled some orcs and gained access to the camp to find the Prophet. But surprise! Sargatanus’ old nemesis Mordan emerged from the camp to bring them down. He recognized Sargatanus and talked smack to him, but Sargatanus held his cool.

After some logistical nonsense, the entire party made it to the ruins at the center of the camp. Mum Tar was there. That dude is a 20,000 year old elven battle mage conqueror, and he has been resurrected by necromancers age after age to do their bidding. Now, the necromancer is dead, and Mum Tar doesn’t want to be resurrected again.

The party made a deal with Mum Tar: He’d tell them how to find the Eye of Organa (the eye of life), and they would give him eternal peace by bringing him to the Anvil and killing him with Malfincus. For what it’s worth, Mum Tar also gave the party the lowdown on the artifacts. Each age, a necromancer always seeks them. Malfincus kills gods and opens a dimensional gate to a hell realm. The eye creates life so that the necromancer can create armies. And the soul amulet acts as a necromantic battery.

The party the descended stairs in the ruins into a labyrinth. It was confusing and magical, and it housed cyclopean minotaurs. Damian was separated, but everyone found each other, defeated the minotaurs, and retrieved the Eye from the central chamber.

Hobart rubbed some oil of etherealness (that he purchased at Barklay) all over himself and fled with the Eye to a tent near the outskirts of camp. Brynn booked ass up the stairs and fired a flare arrow at the door. The rest of the party ascended. Sargatanus attempted to supplant Mordan as Mum Tar’s man, but Mum Tar just stared at him. What will happen to Sargatanus now????


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