The Mercenaries of St. Vicious

Back into the Dungeon

  • This episode began with another party being sent out by Dougulus. Wolendra, and elven bard, was to chronicle the adventures of the mercenary group and create a catchy company jingle. Wolendra set out with two other adventurers and camped on the mountain path. The group was woken by the skeletons fleeing from the glory of Lok a couple switchbacks above.
  • A great battle with the skeletons ensued, ultimately culminating in the meeting of the two groups. Highlights included: the druid and elven wizard tumbling off the cliff, the druid turning into a mammoth, the elven wizard retreating after parting the mammoth’s balls, the cleric skreeeeing down the cliff and striking a pose with the warhammer, the fighter spending way too long with a single skeleton, and many more.
  • The party camped, and when they woke from the rising sun, they spotted a horde of skeletons massing in the pass below. The druid transformed wayne’s world style into an owl and got a closer look. The skeletons numbered approximately 5000, and they carried about 100 wooden boxes. The horde didn’t move. After some arguing about how to get around the horde, the party retreated back into the dungeon in the hope of finding another way out.
  • In the dungeon, the party encountered a few notable rooms. Of course, the room with the statute of Etherox (no longer carrying a sword). The elven wizard recalled some lore to learn more about Malfincus. The torture room with the blood hole. Here, the wizard could’ve tortured someone else as part of a ritual to gain knowledge of other creatures in the area. But after a 10 minute discussion (in RL) they party decided not to engage in torture. The room with the fire beetle tunnels. The room with clawed up and sucked down bandits.
  • The group also found another exit with another goat path. This path would dump out the party approximately 50 yards in front of the horde, but at least past the horde. As the group checked out this exit, it say the sun setting. Damn those weird timey spiral stairs!
  • The party delved back into the dungeon hoping for an even better exit. It found some crappy shit in some trapped chests and the lair of the bandit king. Who is now a vampire. The party fought and murdered this foul creature. This room was filled with old, mismatched, beautiful tapestries. The party had a couple promising moves, like the fighter positioning himself in the doorway and funneling the vampire straight into the ranger. It didn’t amount to shit, though, because the ranger rained arrows upon the vampire and failed. The bandit vampire also bit the hell out of the elven wizard. That’s when the vampire really died.
  • The party then tried to destroy the other vampire standing in the back with its arms crossed. The party did a pretty good job. But when the elven wizard started spouting off some lore about how to kill a vampire for good, the vampire turned to smoke and escaped through some cracks between the tapestries. Uh oh.


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