The Mercenaries of St. Vicious

Sell Sword

  • The party spent 3 days rearming at St. Vincent.
  • Hobart determined that the elves have barred the doors to their district of St Vincent. Citca ticked off the human guards outside the elven quarter. Damian informed us that these guards are pussies. The party inspected the door to the elven ward and determined that the door is locked from the inside. Citca pisses off the guards and Damian gets shot with an arrow. Hobart fails to pick pocket on the way out of the encounter – gets away with 10 coins. Yay! The party learned that following the barbarian is a terrible idea.
  • The thieves contemplated fencing the blade, Maleficus. They engaged with the local thieves guild presence. They offered 1500 for the blade. Pennies compared to the 1000 each that Dougulus offered for bringing the blade to his fence. Lemroh spouts lore and learns that Maleficus opens the door to another dimension. And can be used to kill a god just as Etherox cut off the heads of his kids before eating them.
  • After way too much deliberation we go to meet the fence at the Tower of Morton. Brynn is rendered invisible by Lemroh. She scouts the tower along with Grendump who is in Owl form. Damian knows the fence from the Shadow Wars, his name is Jamin. The fence has left the order of Lok. Damian gets pissed and bitchslaps him. Lemroh gets bored and jumps from the bushes to break up the fight. Damian threatens the truth from the fence.
  • The halfings decern reality and learn that we are in gang territory.
  • Damian learns from Jamin that the stories may be wrong: Etherox did not kill his children. It was the opposite, the children actually killed the father. And we can kill Sarin with Maleficus. That’s the plan of Jamin and his group.
  • The halfings check out the inside of a building and hide as the followers of Lok storm passed them. Meanwhile the raid siren goes off, signaling the undead horde is Attacking. Lemroh charms Jamin and learns that his crew wants to bring back Etherox. His people suck. But the tower is probably safe.
  • The Lok disciples storm out of the building and attack. Hawke lays down cover while he and Citca move through the Lok disciples. Hawke, as usual, destroys the opposition. And they make their way toward Sargatanus. Damian bumps a wall and causes a cascading failure of the structure. Citca and Hawke bring down the hammer and kill dozens of Lok followers. And they try to carve a way towards the tower to get cover. The party takes a stand and fends off the mob of Lok followers. Some of the group gets caught under the rubble of the collapsing tower.
    Grendump as a mammoth tries to rescue the adventurers. Brynn tries to rescue the people below but falls on her ass.
  • Separated from the rest of the group, Hobart sets a building on fire, travels through the sewers, has a close call with some undead, and escapes.
  • The party decides to keep the sword after all. What kind of mercenaries are these?


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