The Mercenaries of St. Vicious

The Druid with Mammoth Balls

The party needed some new blood, so they picked up a few noobs at Barklay. They then went back to the hidden valley to see what’s up with the orcs.

There were thousands of those fuckers, and they all had eyes painted on their armor. The three thieves(!) from the party infiltrated the camp after dusk. The ranger provided some backup. The orcs were just waking up, but they began to party fast. The thieves found an orc shaman doing some weird dance around a crucified elf. The elf screamed bloody murder. He had already lost an eye. Hobart was in telepathic contact with one of the noobs and they formed a plan.

The rest of the party stormed down the hill and provided a “distraction.” It was more like a suicide run. Most of the team got into serious trouble, but Grendump got it the worst. He transformed into a mammoth, ran into the center of camp, got jumped by a mutant orc berserker with 4 arms, and died. It might have been worth it had the elf survived, but those halfling thieves were weak as hell and couldn’t drag that skinny ass elf out of camp. All he muttered before dying was “eyes.” Lots of good intel there.

The biggest (and really only) win came at the end of the night when one of the noobs spouted some lore. It looks like the eyes are a symbol of Organa – goddess of life and death. She was one of Etherox’s first children and also the first to die. Etherox sent his three hounds after her to continually eat her corpse, for it would always regenerate. The only thing they ever left was the eyeballs. As legend goes, one eye has the power of life, and one has the power of death.


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