The Mercenaries of St. Vicious

The First Job

  • You are mercenaries brought together by Dougulus, the Lordling who loves slumming, to complete a job.You are all independent contractors for the Red Company. Your team has been put together through a combination of foresight and chance. The classes of each team are determined by the fixer (in this case Dougulus) for each job. The people filling these class roles are determined by lottery.Some of you already have a history with each other. Some of you don’t.
  • You run jobs out of St. Vincent, aka St. Vicious, the largest city in the known world. The city is very diverse but segregated. It is overpopulated and home to the lowest villainy and extravagant wealth in all surrounding lands. St. Vincent is located in fertile river lands, which are no longer sufficient to feed the population of the city. The river lands abut a region of rolling hills, which rise quickly into the long mountain range.
  • Your job contract requires you to recover a black sword – Malfincus – from a demonic statue in a dungeon high in the mountains for 500 coins. This dungeon is located above a mountain pass. You have a map showing a hidden entrance. The dungeon is located a week from St. Vincent. You know that the dungeon is an ancient fort held by various groups over the years. It’s like a storefront that has no consistent ownership.
  • You delved into the dungeon and encountered a bunch of skeletons and a couple vampires. The skeletons seems to regenerate. The vampires seem to hiss. You dispatched them. They were first alerted to your presence when Damian botched a simple light spell. But Hawk was a flat out beast, and Brynn is pretty handy with a bow. A particularly cool move was when Sargatanus intercepted a vampire in midair as it descended upon Brynn. It was also cool when Cavario did 10 points of damage to Sargantus as he was rolling around on the floor with the vampire.
  • You then recovered the ebony blade from the massive demon statue in front of a long, rectangular pool. The sword is 6 feet long but quite light. It’s still a pain in the ass to carry around. It’s just awkward. The sword has a series of circles running down the blade. Cavario realized that the symbol is that of Etherox, a primordial god predating Sarin and Lok. In many legends, Etherox gave birth to Sarin and Lok (among other gods) and held a blade described just as this.
  • Instead of exploring an open passage or a large wooden door, you retreated back the way you came to return the blade Malfincus to Dougulus. The spiral stairs took forever. You’re not sure how long, but clearly they were enchanted. Upon leaving the dungeon, you encountered another group of skeletons. They stood on a small rock landing immediately outside the dungeon opening. Damian turned them, and they fled down the goat path – the only visible way down.


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