The Mercenaries of St. Vicious

There and Back Again

  • While Hootie, I mean Cavario, was away he hooked up with Cee-Lo Green Ursher, who taught him how to bard it up. He is now a Palabard or Bardadin….whatever.
    The party attempts to flee the city toward the harbor which appears to be on fire. We stop at a well known tavern in the area to get beer. Unfortunately the bar was occupied by a banshee. Bitch was loud. We ran away.
  • When we reached the harbor we found it to be completely in flames and the skies were filled with undead birds – we later learned these were nighthawks. The birds attacked Hawke and lifted him in the air. Damian tried to save him but was carried off as well. Anus shoots the eagle. The players fall and take a bunch of damage. Anus and Dump are carried off as well. With some fancy arrow work Anus escapes the fall but Dump falls to the pavement.
  • The party determines that the birds are being directed by the a figure on the top of the mast of a tall ship. And we see a lone unburned ship and make run for it.
  • On the way out of town we see another figure on top of the tallest tower in the city. It is holding the amulet of souls with its tendrils spiraling out into the city. Anus knows all about this amulet and we learn that this is the necromancer that we’ve been chasing. The party decides to return to town. Landing the boat just outside of town we head back and immediately encounter the devourer (the figure that was on top of the ship mast.) It attacks grendump who turns into a mammoth to counter the attack. The rest of the party comes to aid of dump and defeats the devourer. The devourer in its dying gasp knocked hawke into the river. Due to his extreme armor he sinks. Dump jumps into the water as a mammoth and saves him – mammoths can swim, who knew
  • The party makes its way toward the tower where the necromancer was first spotted with the amulet. When we approach the tower we see that there is a skeletal dragon perched on the top of the tower. Apon approach the dragon attacks. Damian provides a bubble of safety with his turn undead ability. Hobart scales the wall like Spider-Man. Cavario, Anus and Mother go through the front door and start climbing the stairs. The party inside is attackerd by zombies and cavarios axe/guitar is thrown to the bottom of the tower. Meanwhile on the ground the dragon attacks. Dump turns into a polar bear and drags the dragon to the ground but gets a huge bite taken out of his bear shoulder. Damian protects the party with turn undead and Hawke slices off the dragon’s wing. The party inside collects their weapons and continues up the stairs fending off zombies the whole way. Outside Hawke attacks but gets his sword caught in the dragons spine and loses his weapon. Hawke pulls Malefincus and slashes at dragons neck, severing it and killing the undead dragon.
  • With the dragon dead the whole party makes its way up the stairs toward the necromancer above. Damian covers the stairs and dump turns into a wolverine and bites the shit out of the necromancer. Anus and mother attack and destroy the Necromancer. On his way out he states that Anus should take the amulet to the Anvil so at least someone will survive. What?!?


bsuperfine bsuperfine

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