The primordial titan of legend. The first god. The father of Lok, Sarin, and the rest of the Pantheon.


Etherox, the primordial titan of legend. The first god. The father of Sarin, Lok, and the rest of the Pantheon.

Etherox is usually portrayed as a gigantic, demonlike figure, never without his sword Malfincus. He used this sword to chop the heads off most of his children, right before eating them. Partially for this reason, Etherox is often associated with torture.

The fundamental canon of most major sects shares a story about Etherox: The titan ate his children so that they would not rise up and slay him. Etherox wanted to rule forever. However, Etherox was tricked by his wife, Ethera, into binge drinking from the great river Arterial the night before 12 children were due – Lok, Sarin, and the rest. Etherox fell into a great slumber and knew not of their births. Eons later, when the 12 children had fully grown, they killed their father. Ethera committed suicide soon after, for though she loved her children, she too loved her husband.

However, there is a cult doctrine that recounts this story differently. In this story, Etherox only pretended to drink from the Arterial and slumber. He knew his children were alive and hidden, and they were part of his plan. As the eons passed, Etherox’s power naturally waned. He anticipated his children’s action in all their fearful symmetry. The children rose up and killed their father, and then consumed him in retribution for what had been done to their siblings. In their bellies, in the darkness of their souls, Etherox slumbers, regaining his strength and waiting to return to the real world.

The first dungeon visited by the party was a place of power, a cult shrine dedicated to Etherox.


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