The slim, sly trickster of the group. Always on the lookout for the glint of gold.


Hobart is Fast (Dex of 16), wise (Wis of 12), charming (Cha of 15) and strong (Str of 13)

He is versed in the use of poison and stabbing mutherfuckers in the back.


Hobart was born on a small halfling farm just outside of St. Vicious. Quickly, urban sprawl came to claim his homestead, so like many other displaced ruralites, Hobart made his way into the heart of the city. He worked first as a huckster, cheating people out of pennies on the street. He then found employment as scout and enforcer for one of the local thieves guilds around the docs in St. Vicious. Dabbling in smuggling, he came to be an expert in the underground warrens, tunnels, and caves below the city used as smuggling routes. More importantly perhaps was that he became close friends with Tall Steve, a smuggler who trades in contraband with the northern cities.

Hobart dreams of greatness, not the greatness that comes from noble deeds and courtly virtues, but the greatness of the street. He dreams of gold, and the power and influence it can buy. He wants to have the wealth of kings, to spend on whatever his heart’s desire. Now that he has come to possess the Necromancer’s Amulet, he will try to use it to advance his position. Perhaps someone in power will give a king’s bounty for its safe return?


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