Ranger, aka Anus, Taintus, and Taint. Looks like a trucker/Nam vet. Elven outcast.


Mother! Tell your children not to walk my way…..seriously though tell them not to walk my way, Registered Sex Offender…..


Sargatanas grew up in the Elven city Araelluwen which is to the south of St. Vincent.

As a youth Sargatanas had befriended a traveling human merchant named Mordan who occasionally passed the Elven City. This friendship was held secret from other elves as the hideous cloaked merchant was not welcome into the city walls for reasons unknown to Sargatanas.

Money at that time was of no importance to the young elf, but he admired the well crafted goods of Mordan. Amongst all of the items, he revered an ebony amulet called the Soul Keeper. As explained by Mordan, the Soul Keeper was crafted in dark secrecy by the great wizard Caznar who, as legend has it, was driven mad while studying black magic and necromancy in the remote mountains far west of St. Vincent. The strange amulet, although solid to the touch, appears to be in constant motion, moving like a dark, flowing river – when held, the flowing slows to a stop and transforms to a liquid state emitting powerful vibrations. Sargatanas had sensed that there was something very wicked behind the transformation and vibrations of the amulet, but out of fear could never hold on long enough to witness what was to come. Mordan never revealed the entire story of the Soul Keeper, but he explained to Sargatanus that the amulet contained a great power that could bring St. Vincent to it’s knees and that the possessor of the amulet would be able to wield it’s power.

Mordan promised the Soul Keeper to Sargatanas in exchange for the heart of the Sacred Deer Damara. Damara, according to Elven lore, was as old as the forest itself and was deemed a protected possession of Elven society. The elves believed that Damara represented fertility and her presence brought happiness and love to all those who saw her. Mordan understood the healing powers of Damara and concluded that if he were to consume the heart that his nose and ears, which were viscously removed for a forbidden love of the Lok high priestess Wistari, would be restored. He so dearly wanted to win back the love of the high priestess.

Sargatanas, overcome by his obsession with the Soul Keeper, followed through with tracking and killing Damara and delivered the heart. The foul Mordan did not live up to his end of the deal. Upon delivery of the heart he cast a sleep spell on Sargatanas, leaving his sleeping body next to the carcass of Damara where he was found by an elven guard.

Shortly after, Sargatanas was put on trial for the murder of Damara. His family was given a chance to save him from punishment during the trial, but chose to turn their back on him – he was no longer part of their family. As his punishment, he was blind folded and led many miles into what is known as the Dead Forest to die a slow death. The forest had a curse placed upon it which eliminated the elvish sense of time and direction; vegetation was also scarce and hard to find. Death was all but a certainty.

In the beginning of his exile in the Dead Forest, Sargatanas observed a wolf that appeared to be stalking him from a distance. He knew that it was only a matter of time before he would have to face it. After what appeared to be a week, the day of reckoning came. Sargatanas, malnourished and weak, heard the wolf making it’s approach. From a distance he recognized it as the same one who too had hunted Damara, killing several of her young, but was too late as he had already won the prize. Waiting for his fate, Sargatanus closed his eyes hoping for a quick death, but it didn’t come. To his surprise the savage beast slowly approached with a rabbit in her mouth – a peace offering. Later, after he had gained enough strength, she led him out of the Dead Forest. From that point on their relationship was understood without words – she was his only family and he would call her “Mother”.

Decades into his exile, Sargatanas had befriended a Paladin named Cavario who had freed him after being kidnapped by a witches coven. Out of respect for Cavario he willingly accompanied him during the Shadow Wars. During that time he became accustom to receiving a steady pay day for what he does best – tracking and killing things. Although not particularly fond of the city, Sargatanas then followed Cavario to St. Vincent to work as a mercenary for Dougulous.

He now waits in hope that the money and alliances gained as a mercenary will enable him to enact the revenge he seeks upon Mordan and, with the Soul Keeper in his possession, the city who turned their backs on him and sent him to die.


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