The Necromancer

Undead controller, former high priest of Lok


The Necromancer controlled a horde of undead that destroyed at least the surface of St. Vicious. The Necromancer was the former high priest of Lok and the sect’s most powerful politician. He represented Lok at the Pantheonic Council, the governing body of St. Vicious.

The Necromancer’s known activities include: amassing a horde of undead in a mountain pass and attacking St. Vicious, attempting to obtain the sword Malfincus, and using The Soul Keeper to absorb hundreds of thousands of souls during the battle of St. Vicious. Before dying, the Necromancer was seen in the company of four ghouls, one who had previously been Sara, high priestess of the order of Sarin.

The Necromancer’s final words were whispered to Sargatanus – that he should take the amulet to the Anvil so at least one of them could survive.

The Necromancer

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