The Soul Keeper

An amulet imbued with the souls of the dead.


“And the saintly Hobart did cast his bow, the arrow flying true, cutting the chain from the Necromancer’s neck. And he did swoop then, in to clasp the amulet to his breast and bust a move down the stairs…” From the Chronicle of St Hobart the Badass, Year of the Dead 231

Description: A dark glowing amulet that was promised to Sargatanus, but stolen from him by Mordan. The amulet ultimately ended up in the hands of the Necromancer. Sargatanus first witnessed the amulet stealing a soul from the heart of Damara, the sacred deer of the elves. During the battle for St. Vicious, The Necromancer used the amulet to suck in the souls of hundreds of thousands inhabitants of the city. Stolen by Hobart, the amulet is out of the hands of evil….for now.

Other than for the stealing of souls, the amulet’s purpose is unknown.

The Soul Keeper

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