The Mercenaries of St. Vicious


This is the second of the two adventures for the price of one that are partly lost in Etherox…

The party left Hawke’s family estate and headed north. They sailed well and encountered nothing. They docked the boat and set off for the X on the map. This is usually frontier land – the border between orc and human territory. On the human side is, Barklay, the second largest city in human territory and a citadel on the frontier. On the other side is a landscape dotted by constantly shifting orcish clans.

The landscape past the beginning of the Arterial is hilly and dotted with trees. Ancient ruins are scattered about. The party encounters a group of armed humans from Barklay, led by the fairly reasonable Foles. With the undead horde having passed through here and the fertile riverlands to the south, food is scarce. They parley a little and consider going back to Barklay, but some elves show up. They talk a little, but tensions are high. The elves seem to have some kind land grab scheme going on. Because their land is fucked too, along with the halflings’. But wait, oh shit: it’s that elf who recognized Sargatanus back at the fortress of Sarin. He whispers to his leader Vick, and they want Sargatanus. A fight ensues. Sitka challenges Vick to go one on one, cuts off his hand, and steals some of his elves.

The party then says this place is dead anyway and goes toward the X. They get there, and over the lip of a hill they gaze into a hidden valley, bursting with thousands of orcs.


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