The Mercenaries of St. Vicious

Two Adventures for the Price of One

A good part of the following two adventures seems to be lost in the mists of memory, located somewhere in the annals of time, in turn located somewhere in Etherox’s butt.

Having defeated the Necromancer, secured the the Soul Keeper, and the blade Malfincus, the party left the tower and headed out. There was a vicious fight with some of those flying undead bat/bird creature. A couple people were lifted into the air. They fell but rolled a 7 or something, so they didn’t really get hurt (just lessened in the eyes of their companions).

They finally got to the boat they had stashed on the Arteriol, and they headed North. It was overridden with undead. Blech. Along the way, they encountered some will o the wisps, but they opted not to follow the notoriously mysterious and fickle creatures. They fought a triad of manticores who had faces of some followers of Lok – indeed, they were close brothers of Damian during the Shadow Wars. Riding one of the manticores was NAME. It looks like he’s dead now (having been shot by an arrow through the head before plunging off his manticore into the depths of the Arteriol).

At last they arrived at Hawke‘s family estate. They fought Hawke’s undead mom and dad their (who were simultaneously hanging themselves with their own intestines) and saved Hawke‘s older sister Melva. She’s now along for the ride.

They also found Hawke‘s folks’ liquor cabinet, uh, I mean, magic vault. The 15 foot golem guarding it pretty much killed Hobart until that dastardly devilish rogue lawyered the shit out of a rules loophole. Though, it should be noted that it was a good kill shot: Hobart was pimp slapped so hard that he flew through the air, hit a wall, cracked it, and skid down its face. He left a splat 10 feet up and a blood trail like some wounded snail.

There, they found a couple magic items. It was reward for “not dying.”


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