Neutral Thief. Halfling (half elf) Forgettable features usually kept cloaked and hooded, premature silver/white hair.


Able to see in the dark and move silently in shadows (day or night)

Having worked for a necromancer for so long, is able to sense any undead nearby and has the ability to locate corpses. She has no idea if this will ever benefit her as the smell of these corpses make this ability seem like more of a curse than a talent.


Nyx was abandoned at a young age by a mother who hated her. She was only told that her father was a dark elf who seduced her mother (a maid at an inn at the time) who left her pregnant and wanted for the crime of theft- the tills and inn safes had been emptied and patrons’ valuables had disappeared.

For years, Nyx fended for herself, stealing as needed and sometimes joining thieving crews. She, however, preferred to work alone. She was caught one night trying to pickpocket a cloaked man- he grabbed her arm, slapped a metal bracer on her wrist, and whispered a spell that made her answer to his every demand. She was his slave and only new him as “Sin.”

Eventually, she learned he was a necromancer. Due to the extremely illegal and evil profession, he was rarely able to go out in public. His presence was so unholy that he attracted the attention of clerics and paladins whenever he roamed the city streets. He used her to collect and steal corpses and other supplies, and taught her how to appear invisible and unnoticed even in daylight. He introduced her to her patron goddess, Lamashtu, whose cloak covered the moon for a short time each month. The night of the new moon was Nyx’s favorite time to roam the city…her luck was always true on the night of the new moon. Lamashtu, in a dream, came to her in a cloak of smoke and shadows and blessed her with the ability to see even in the blackest night…she promised her more favors in the future as long as she remained true.

Sin had one ultimate goal in life- to bring the unnamed god of chaos into the world in a mortal body. He used the corpses Nyx stole to practice his necromancy so that one day his mission could be accomplished. He spent nights whispering spells to himself…and it wasn’t unusual to hear a deep, rasping voice whispering back instructions. Strange cries and screams came from his underground quarters. Even Nyx was unnerved as Sin became more and more obsessive, more manic… his skin (mainly covered by a hooded cloak at all times) took on the same hue as the corpses that he worked on, and his eyes the milky hue of the eyes of the dead.

On the night of a new moon, while Nyx was returning from a mission, she heard a sound that could only be described as…unholy… voices coming from Sin’s rooms were in a language that sounded so dark and foul that her heart nearly stopped and her head began to pound with pressure so intense she cried tears of blood. Minutes ticked by and felt like an eternity while the voices and sounds rose higher and higher. How could no one else hear this? She felt as if her life was being drawn from her as the sounds rose…her bloody tears continued pouring down her face. The screams brought images into her head that she would never be able to unsee. The images came with promises that they would come true… The sound suddenly stopped and the bracer fell from her wrist… she knew that this could only mean one thing: Sin was dead and she was no longer his slave. This was her opportunity to finally leave and be her own master. She went through each room and grabbed what valuables she could, but stopped in front of Sin’s closed door… she heard something within it. A rasping laugh and a whisper in a voice that sounded much like Sin’s “I. am. free.” Valuables forgotten, she ran from the house as fast as she could and was out of the city in no time at all. She only hoped that the god of chaos did not find her. If he did, she knew that the images she had seen would come true.

So, Nyx left the city behind and traveled as far as she could. She found that she could only sleep a couple of hours at a time because of the nightmares and the evil whisperings of the Sin-chaos-god creature (for she knew somehow that the god of chaos had taken Sin’s body). She needed to find a distraction and she realized that she might feel safer with others around her… so she went off in search of adventurers and missions.


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